How to Take and Edit Amazing Photos for Instagram.


June 18, 2012 by theinstablog

Here’s liarqueen’s first article of many for The InstaBlog! Blow them all away. You want to be more like them. The flawless photos that seem effortless. The numbers at the top of the screen amaze you because you cant compare to them, or so you think. Look at their feed for a second. All the levitating photos, the galaxy edits, even the mysterious white space in everyone’s feed. Where do they get that? Will it make me as cool as them? FIRST OF ALL, quit spamming their feeds. leave positive comments instead of annoying ones. Eventually you’ll find someone who tells you, but is it worth annoying the 20 other people? No.

A lot of people use apps to edit their photos. If you go to the app store, click categories, and then click photo and video, you’ll come up with a selection of different editing apps that you can use in a bunch of different ways. Juxtaposer, Montage, Magic Hour, Snapseed, Phonto, Pic Frame, and Squareready are just a few amazing editing apps.

When you edit your photos, think of an idea, and edit it so it looks like the edit in your head. Don’t put a bunch of random pictures thrown together with random spots. Make the picture look as unedited as possible.

HELPFUL HINT: People DONT like to see tweegrams, versagrams, selfies or screenshots in their feed. If you have something really important to say, put it in the caption. Instagram isn’t for selfies. That’s what facebook is for. If you must, make a personal account and post all your random pictures on there.

If you feel like you aren’t putting 110% into your photos, there’s a lot of inspiring people on IG. the popular page is NOT the place to look for good photos. MAYBE. Just MAYBE you’ll find ONE photo on there. But it definently isnt the best place to be inspired. People like @lizmonster @therealsandlin @kirbann @mouzerr @_noah_ @tesswashere @prettylittleliar7 @blondebitt @brittneypanda @cherrylipbalm @savannnnnah @wildannfree and @owlsnjars just to name a few have MAGICAL photos. Put as much effort as you can into your photos. It will definently pay off.

Lastly, some helpful hints to be as amazing as some of your favorite igers.
1. Post only your own pictures. become a VOP. [ very original person ] it makes you more creative and original.
2. Don’t just post photos for followers. post photos that you love. if you dont like the photo, then why post it?
3. Actively like other people’s photos. Everyone hates ghost followers.
4. Finally, have fun and make new friends. Instagram is a great way to make new people who share your passion of photography.

Written by Megan (@liarqueen on IG)


One thought on “How to Take and Edit Amazing Photos for Instagram.

  1. Bozerboy says:

    Great job on this blog guys!

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